Specialist Provider of Domiciliary Care


Did you know...

QCL is so much more than just a top quality care provider.

At QCL we understand that trust between the Service User and care provider is paramount. But QCL would never leave that trust to chance.

That’s why, at QCL every one of our carers carries a mobile phone with NFC capabilities. This technology lets us monitor every arrival and departure time a carer makes by matching the phone to a ‘tag’ placed in the Service User’s residence. This allows QCL more time to better manage the Service User’s care package and more time to better manage QCL’s staff.

When QCL looked for an NFC supported software package to enable us to do this, we could not find a product that met our demanding standards. Therefore, in line with QCL’s commitment to innovative care delivery, we commissioned a bespoke software package that was developed from the ground up.